Monday, 13 December 2010

My stitching for the last week or so and over the last weekend

I have been quite busy with family the last few weeks because 5 of my children caught the chicken pox!  Oh how nice of them!  Since they have been feeling rotten and maybe just watching TV or the likes I have managed some stitching.

Over the last weekend I started my Grandma's stitch a photo again but this time in black and white.  So far she looks good but still not too sure on the eyes but time will tell.  I decided to start in the middle of the chart rather than working from her hair downwards just in case her face looked strange like it did in the colour stitching!
My Grandma in Black and White

The Fireside Fairytale so far ... approx 2100 stitches done already!  Oh wow weeeeee!!!

My Heaven and Earth Fireside Fairytales so far
A wonderful Biscornu ....

I stitched 2 Christmas hangers.  The Angel is backed with cardboard using eyelets and ribbon.  The putting together for both hangers was done by my lovely Hubby.

Angel Hanger

This hanger was put together using a card!!  Looks great even if I do say so myself!

Snowman Hanger

During the past week or so I also did a RR or two!!  I am once again upto date with my RR's so I can plod on with Fireside.

Lucie's Celtic RR

Christmas RR
The plan for today is to do approx 500 stitches on my Fireside .... they are all black stitches and I don't need to look at the chart because I am finishing off the box that my thread is hanging out of than box next to it!

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