Monday, 31 January 2011

Think I am an addict & Nutters R Us

More mini biscornus ...

I did these 3 little cuties on evenweave and totally enjoyed working on the evenweave.
I think it is because the projects were nice and small.  I have tried evenweave before and gave up!

I made these as gifts for Tricia, Lucie and Ruth.  I really enjoyed giving them to the girlies at Ruth's house the other weekend or as we called it ... Nutters Weekend!  I really enjoyed my time with the girlies and cannot wait for our next meeting.

Red for Ruth, Pink for Lucie and green for Tricia

A Sock Monkey made during nutters weekend
and he now guards my basket of Biscornus

My wonderful gift from Tricia

Lucie             Me               Ruth          Tricia 

Such a wonderful day at Ruth's!  Thank you so very much girls, Ruth's hubby and children xxxx