Thursday, 7 April 2011

Stitched Gifts

For my mum for Mother's day.  She loves flowers so I thought a nice stitched vase of flowers would be lovely and with luck, last forever!

Mother's day

For Ruth's Birthday for the present, ATC and thread exchanges we are in.   As I was stitching my gift for mum I realised love would love the vase of flowers too so I just had to make another one!  Well it was also good practise on evenweave :-)

Happy Birthday Ruth :-) xxxxx


  1. Thank you so much hun, I love all my gifts and you are right I loved the vase of flowers. xxx

  2. Wow,,all of your cross stitch so wonderful. It's inspiring me to make like yours,, ^_^

  3. What a great present for your Mum, Heather!

  4. All of these are lovely I've never tried it is it difficult?

  5. Oh! They are all beautiful! Yes, that vase and flowers are so much better than ones that fade. You do amazing work!judee0624 from swap bot