Sunday, 24 April 2011

Stitching this last week

Yesterday evening I spent more time doing the Catafiddle kit by Margaret Sherry for my son Ryan.  At the time I started stitching it was the first piece I had done on evenweave and I was struggling with it.  So last night I sat down and refused to move until I had got over the bit I was stuck on, which I did, so lets hope now it will a pleasure to stitch and not a 'thorn in my side'!

I will stitch some more today then post a photo of it!  I hope to have Catafiddle and Katie's Horses finished by Monday 2nd May.  I was hoping to have more of my WIP's finished by then but think I will have to be realistic or a very fast stitcher!!

This is the stitching I have done over the past few days.

For an Exchange

Another Exchange

For a friends Grandson in the USA.
I will make this little choo choo into a hanger over the holidays


  1. oo well done on getting to grips with evenweave .. once hooked you won't go back to aida :) love your bits you've stitched especially the bloom :)
    Happy Easter to you love mouse xxxx

  2. They are great! You have stitched a lot!

  3. Very adorable. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter!

  4. Hello Heather. Such beautiful neat work you do . I did try simple cross stitch when i first started cards and used little works as card toppers but found i was too impatient and needed my self gratification to be instant . But love to see other's creations . Thanks for sharing an interesting blog .

  5. These are so lovely! I particularly liked the bunny and the rainbow :)


  6. I love that rainbow card

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