Sunday, 22 May 2011

I seem to have started a Folly with myself!

I think after doing Katie's horses I have run out of steam to start and finish a project!

I started Alphabet Rhyme for me.
Alphabet Rhyme

I decided to stitch on yellow evenweave but as it got dark it was hard to see the holes in lamp light (mental note to self - get a daylight lamp!)  So I thought I might as well start Conor's penguins but battled with the same problem of  not being able to see.

Conor's penguin

Then I started Golf Chick but got bored!  I have stitched this design before and I am not really one for stitching the same thing over.

Golf Chick

I also have Peppermint Twist on the go, which is a Little House Needleworks ornie ...but I had to frog half the candy cane as I had stitched a row to far!  I didn't think I  could get away with saying someone took a chunk out of the cane, so I and will restitch!!

Peppermint Twist
I hope to have a productive week and get some things finished!

Happy Stitching all :-)


  1. yep you need a day light lamp ... so much better and love your new start and your other bits and bobs too :) hope you do get a productive week as well :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Can definitely recommend a daylight lamp. Lovely new starts though.

  3. Peppermint twist is lovely.

    I love my mighty bright lamp.

  4. I too love my daylight lamp - will have to hide mine away when you are here :-p

    Your little folly looks great and I am sure that with a few Skype SALs this week your mojo will soon come back xxxx

  5. Defiantly Skype stitch-a-longs are in order Lucie! hahaha and yes hide your lamp when I there!

  6. You should get a daylight lamp soon :D

    All of your stitching look great!

  7. yup..i think get a lamp dear..and i really like the new stitching..a b c rhyme is going to look so lovely..i hope you have a lovely stitchy week..
    happy stitching xx

  8. Lol - all those new starts. I can sympathize.
    A daylight lamp will make a huge difference. I even have one at my son's house when I visit.

  9. Daylight lamos can make such a difference. Great stitching.

  10. Daylight lamps are savers! Even in dull days when the sun just refues to show, they help big time! If I didn't have mine then I wouldn't be stitchig on days like today.

    Good start on your stitching. Now the question is, which one will be finished first?