Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Nearly done - Sampler Lady plus a great stitching challenge!

She is very nearly complete!  I think she is looking fantastic and I have enjoyed every singe stitch.

She will be completed after my stitching challenge with my great friend Lucie from Lucies Stitching Journey

We are stitching Gingerbread Village which is the latest ornie in the LHN ornie range.  I wonder who will win ... my eldest daughter Laura says Lucie!  I'll have to get my fast needles out I think.

I love challenges :-)

Sampler Lady


  1. Sampler lady looks great!
    Good luck in your "competition"

  2. Sampler Lady looks great - we had a great night stitching along tonight! Roll on tomorrow evening :)

  3. Looking fabulous - I still have a bit to do to finih my 1/1 version!

  4. She's looking great Heather! Oooo you and Lucie - the fastest needles in the Wild West :-)