Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Catch Up Time

Hello followers,

Hope I find you all well and crafting away.  It has been such a long time since I blogged but I am back.

My stitchy bug seemed to have ran off for a good few months but it is back and catching up will all I missed out on :-)

I have actually finished the page on my Heaven and Earth design Fireside Fairytales so I am delighted with myself.  I aim to get at least half way down the second page by he New Year .... start 2012 with a bang lol

I have stitched a few Christmas presents but I wont be able to show them until after Christmas .... don't want any surprises spoiling.  Also completed is a Birthday present for my friend Gail.  Her birthday is tomorrow so I will post a photo in the morning or once she has opened her gift!  I love it and think I will be stitching a few more for me and other friends.

Page 1 of HAED completed
and page 2 started
In between Fireside Fairytales I have started Lavender and Lace Fairy Grandmother which is to Me from Me as my Christmas present!!  I have had this chart in my stash for a very long time and wished to stitch it as a reminder of my lovely Grandma xxxx  I have made a little start but hey its a start ha ha ha!!

Chart Picture of L & L Fairy Grandmother
My little start on Fairy Grandmother.
This part is the top of her wing

Next on my list of new starts is Pirate's Life by CCN for kids.  This is for my son Mark.  I promised way back in September that I would start it and because of a few mishaps and 'road bumps' in my personal life I never got it started.  This is what i got done yesterday but I have done more this evening so will post an upto date photo tomorrow.

Chart Picture of what I am stitching for Mark
A Pirates Life

Stitching as at 22 Nov 11
I think for the moment this is all!

I will say that I am glad to be back once and for all and that my 'road bumps' can either go away and give me peace or be ignored!!

Bye for now, Happy Stitching and keep safe and well as the weather gets colder.


  1. oooo good starts there .. hope the tarmac gets smooth for you again ... and looking forward to seeing your gifts :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Great new projects and progress on your HAED. Look forward to seeing your christmas gifts.

  3. wow great progress on your is looking nice..and sweet start on both of your stitching..i love fairy godmother so much..i wish i can start it with you too..let me look for the piece of material for it dear iw ill follow you he he he..
    big hugs and kisses

  4. Wow your haed is looking great :) Nearly catching up to me now lol. I love the look of your fairy and cannot wait to see more of her (I have the L&L season fairies on my 'I want to stitch' list).

    Hope the 'bumps in the road' leave you alone soon :) xxxxxx

  5. Great looking starts. I am sure the stitching bug will take a good bite and you will have the fever again. I usually like to run over bumps with an 18 wheeler! teaches them :)

  6. Thank you everyone! Lovely comments and they give me more stitching power xxxx

  7. Your progress on all the projects is great! I really love the Pirate's Life chart... so cute!