Saturday, 25 February 2012

The past week

Hello there,

I did not do any 'real' stitching until Friday.  I spent Monday chasing my tale, Tuesday evening at James' school at an A-Level Options evening, Wednesday I was worn out, Thursday and Friday running about again.  I did a little on my Fairy Grandmother for a couple of hours during the whole week but at craft club on Friday Morning (no way was I missing that!!) I did some more on Charlie Bear SAL that Steph stephiesstitching and I are doing of a weekend.

Tell you something exciting .... go and look at Stephs blog (link above) and see her fab stitching and for those of you who do HAEDS you will be amazed!  Brilliant work :-)

Charlie so far ... this is what he looked like when I started stitching this afternoon.

Charlie at the start of session 25th Feb 2012

I plan to do some more on Charlie tomorrow and then spend every spare second working away at Fairy Grandmother in the week.  I forgot to take an updated photo of her so will do one and show her off ASAP!!

Lovely post today ... I ordered the rest of the the threads I needed for Universe in a Jar and they arrived today along with a Punch Needle kit!  I have never tried this at all so this will be something new to me.  I looked it up and it seems really easy to do, lets hope it is as easy as it looks!

rest of the threads for Universe in a Jar

Punch Needle kit and tool
(Can't wait to start!!)

I will post updated photos on Monday of Charlie and Fairy Grandmother and lets hope next week gives me a good run at stitching her as I cannot wait to see her progress.  I want to try and get her face completed next week when the kiddies are at school.  I can do her face 2 over 2  or 1 over 1 on the 32 count evenweave.  I am opting for 1 over 1 as the detail will be spectacular so i think i need full daylight and no distractions lol  oh and my glasses :-)

Have a great weekend folks, we what is left of it

Bye for now

Love Heather :-)



  1. I have been tempted to try punch needle but have resisted so far as I am afraid I will like it and not do as much cross stitching as I want to do.
    Can't wait to hear how you like it.