Saturday, 25 February 2012

Review of cross stitch kits by Yiotas Xstitch

As I said in an earlier posting I was asked to do a review of a cross stitch kit created by Yiotas xstitch.

I really could not decide what I wanted, took me hours and hours because I kept getting side-tracked with all the choice.

In the end I chose ..... drum roll please .....


I will admit I had a good look around yiotas-xstitch website and looked at all her cross stitch kits because I could choose whatever kit I wanted from all of the cross stitch kits that she produces.  Totally fantastic website and so easy to use.

I received my kit quickly and very well packaged.  The kit is lovely and I am delighted.  For those of you who know me know that I am not really a flower stitching person but this kit brought back wonderful memories of the house I grew up in many many years ago.  We had a massive Fuchsia bush at the bottom of the garden and I loved it so this kit made me smile.

Cross Stitch kit from Yiotas Xstitch

The chart created and printed by yiotas xstitch is excellent with large clear black and white symbols.  The paper quality that the chart is printed on is fantastic.  Included in the cross stitch kit is clear detailed instructions on how to read the chart and cross stitch tips... brilliant for beginners I think.

The cross stitch kit came with lovely 14 count aida, needle and Madeira threads pre wound on bobbins.  The bobbins are numbered with the Madeira thread number ... marvellous!  I love the threads being pre wound on bobbins because if the threads are on the thread cards I find that I tend to get the threads in a tangle easy.  BIG PLUS for me is the fact that I don't have to waste valuable time sorting the thread colours out if a particular kit you bought does not have presorted threads.  I much prefer my threads on bobbins too.

I really cannot wait to get started on my fuchsia kit and I will keep you all up dated on my progress.

Why not go and have a look at Yiotas cross stitch kits in her on line shop.  The site is easy to use and it is packed full of fantastic cross stitch kits in a vast number of categories, which is why it took me so long to pick a kit!  I kept going back to the Fuchsia as this kit really did make as much of an impression on me as Yiotas xstitch shop did.

Well done to you Yiotas. Thank you so very much. cross stitch kits and more!

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