Saturday, 11 February 2012

What I have been up to the last week or so ...

Hello fellow bloggers and crafters

I hope you are all well.  This posting might be a little long but plenty of photos to look at, so that must mean I have been up to lots of mischief lol :-)

First of all I would love to show off a wonderful gift my 4 year old and I got of a very good friend of ours ... a crotched flower for our coats.  mine was meant to be the yellow and any daughters the cream but Katie liked the yellow one (probably because she knew it was mine lol)  so we swapped.  we just love these flowers and we wear them with pride.

Mine and Katie's flowers ... just beautiful
I made lovely hangers for 2 of the ladies at the craft club I got to on a Friday morning.  One of the ladies was the one who made the flowers for Katie and I.  Both of them where totally delighted with their gifts!  This was the first time I had attached tassels so I was delighted and I think they look fantastic. Lets hope the weather improves and we get to see some lovely blooms very soon .... roll on Spring!

For 2 'Blooming' crafty ladies 
I have made good progress on my Charlie Bear SAL.  Its going to a long SAL but a very enjoyable SAL with Steph who writes

Charlie SAL as at the end of 5th Feb 2012

I have been busy working through my WIP's and this is another one I have been working on. It is called 'Gone Fishing' and the kit is a Heritage Crafts kit from the Silhouette series.  I think its going to look fantastic when finished.

Gone Fishing

As I said in a post a while ago I have taken up Latch Hooking.  I got a small kit from Hobbycraft back in October.  Its is meant to be a rug kit but I would call it more a place mat as it is tiny lol!  Its a great size to start off with as it was only a few pounds and I would rather have spent a few pounds having a practise and making a mess than buying a fantastic large kit and not enjoy latch hook rug making.  I can say that I love every minute of it but have to do it when my youngest daughter is not about as she likes the wool and runs away with it!!  

Umbrella and Hearts latch Hook 'rug' 

Other news

My friend Jan and I are doing a 'Valentines' Friendship Exchange, so I have stitched and made up her gift but I cannot show it to you all just yet ... you will have to wait until she has opened it!!

I have done about 400 stitches on my HAED Fireside Fairytales.  Its not much but its 400 stitches more than I had last week :-)

Fairy Grandmother has also had a few extra stitches put on her.  I must take photos of both of them.  

Happy Stitching and crafting everyone


  1. Wow what a lot of fab stitching your needles must be smokin' xx Love the broaches too xx

  2. Lovely gifts both sent and received. Great progress on your stitching. Look forward to seeing your rpogress on your HAEDs.

  3. beautiful stitching :D Such wonderful pieces.