Monday, 14 May 2012

School Summer Fete

Hello all,

What a great time at the summer Fete!

Brilliant fun and the kiddies just had a great afternoon out.  It was wet but we enjoyed it all the same.

Summer Fete Stitching 2012

Most of the things I stitched sold so I am over the moon!!

Katie with her face painted at the Summer Fete

Mark and a very big ice-cream at the Summer Fete
Mark looks like he should be a 'mad professor' looking over the top of his glasses!!

My other 2 boys were here there and everywhere that I never got a chance to take a photo lol

At the moment I am planning what to get stitching.  I think I will finish off 2 of my WIP's and then do some nice Margaret Sherry designs or Lizzie Kate.  I am having a look on the internet fr some nice charts and threads whilst trying to decide what to do.  If I do Margaret Sherry I will have to sort out my DMC threads... My totally adorable near 2 year old Cara has taken a shine to them lol!  Oooo maybe I might have to ask if I can use them ha ha!

Cara, my thread keeper :-)
I have a few bits of paperwork etc to sort out this week then I am all set to get back to a little stitching!  (shhh I didn't say that, probably jinxed myself now!!)

Fingers crossed for my eldest son, James, who has his first GCSE tomorrow afternoon.  I don't know who is more nervous me or him!

Happy crafting and see you all very soon

Love me xxxxx


  1. Well done on your stitching all looked beautiful.
    Good look to James, Hugs.

  2. Hello

    I'm new to your blog.
    Your stitching looks lovely!
    Good luck James!

  3. Thank you both for your comments! xxooxx