Saturday, 9 June 2012

I'm back .... I hope!

Good evening bloggers,

Hope you are all well!  Things are great here and we have had a few adventures the last 2 weekends... lots of fun had by all of us.

First though I have found my stitching bug again and whipped up a lovely Knit Chick for my wonderful friend Karen.  She keeps hens at her house (large garden lol) and she is a nutty about knitting as I am about stitching!!  I thought I had taken a photo with my daughters camera but its not on the memory card so either I did it wrong or I didn't take a photo with the camera.  So I have posted a pic I took with my phone!

For Karen's Birthday

Today we had a birthday party for Cara who will be 2 years old on Monday.  Karen and her kiddies came over, Grainne and her kiddies came too then with my kiddies and Laura's boyfriend there was a lovely house full with lots of fun and food too!!

Cara, me (with the cake) and Karen in the background!
Just look at Cara's little face :-)
We had a fantastic time... lots more pics but not yet gone through them all!

Last weekend .... oh wow what a great time we had!  On Saturday we all went to a Jubilee Party at the local Community Centre.  Kids had Ice-cream, bounces on the bouncy castle, hotdogs and lots of other stuff so we decided to have a run around the obstacle course to burn off some of that energy but we ended up at Cranny Fields, were the obstacle course was, for hours!!  We met up with with Karen's eldest (same age as James) so they started kicking a football about then my lot joined in!!  Cara kept running a 1/4 length of the pitch to go and kiss and hug James' leg lol then she ran back to me.  Karen's middle son then came so that was it a full kick about was on.  before I knew it most of the afternoon had gone and it was time for home!  Brilliant, brilliant, did I say brilliant time had by all!!

On Sunday we all piled on down to Karen's house! lol  Totally fun there and her sunroom is amazing so guess where I am spending my summer hols stitching ..... yes glued to a seat in her sunroom lol

Well I guess its time to get the kiddies sorted to be and crack on with some stitching.  At the moment i am whipping up something quick for the school teachers.  Better get a move on as there is just on 4 weeks left til the schools over here finish for summer!!  

The bets are on to me finishing M'Ladys Strawberries before Wimbledon starts again... wonder if I will get it finished .....

My goal by the end of June is to have 5 stitched 'things' for teachers done, M'Ladys Strawberries and Gone Fishing finished.  Fingers crossed!!


  1. Oh gosh that Knit Chick is just the cutest! You were so thoughtful to stitch that for your friend.

    Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY {hugs} to Cara! She's an absolute doll.

  2. A gorgeous finish for your friend. Look forward to seeing your finishes for the teachers and wimbledon.