Friday, 31 August 2012

In the Sunshine

Hello fellow bloggers,

Hope everyone has enjoyed the month of August!!

James did excellent in his GCSE results and gained more than what he needed to go into 6th Form.  He has a half day later on at school then starts full time on Monday.

Ryan, Conor and Mark are back to school on Monday.  I don't think they are impressed the summer holidays are over but looking forward to school starting. Fun had by all but now its heads down and hard work all the way!!

I have enrolled with the Open University to carry on with my Degree.  I am so looking forward to getting back to my studies in October.

But ... the last few days has seen sunshine so I took my stitching outside and stitched away whilst the children played out.  I only got a little bit done as I was up and down like a yo-yo but we all have a brilliant time in the garden.

Glittery Hearts BiscoBud.
Just a little done but
I am delighted

Not much done here except playing out and getting all the school supplies for the start of a new school year. next week I declare a full stitching week whilst the boys are in school :-)

Well I think it is bedtime as it is back to alarm setting and school runs tomorrow.  I have missed it because I love my routine!!

Bye for now

Keep well and safe

Love me xxxx