Saturday, 18 August 2012

The antics from my house

Hello bloggers,

Well yet again no stitching done but we have had a busy time painting and rearranging the house!  Only 2 more weeks and the kiddies will be back to school so plenty of time to stitch.

Here are a few (well lots) of photos showing what we have been upto!

Ryan (9) on the tree Swing
Laura (22) and Cara (2) having a wee swing!

Katie (4), Cara (2), Mark (6), Conor (7)
and James' legs (16) playing
Giant Snakes and ladders
that my mum posted over to us!!

Cara holding a red plastic egg and spoon and a bean bag!
Think she likes red things?  We were having a mini sports day.

Mark coming to join in the sporting activities

Katie and Cara with the beanbags

Katie playing football with big brother James!
James hates photos being taken
which is why he always is 'invisible' 

Cara playing pool

ooooo fishies!! Look at the delight on Cara's face :-)

My fuschia plant

Me (41!!!) cutting the grass a few weeks ago


  1. Oh my goodness! The look on Cara's face is so beautiful. Full of wonder and delight! You're so fortunate that you caught that.

    What a lovely family you have. I can see why you've been so busy and I bet you enjoy every minute of it. Can't blame you at all!

    Love your blog. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thank you Miss LindaLee!! Her face is brilliant looking at the fish. Or fishies as Cara says! She loves them :-)