Tuesday, 2 October 2012

**A little bit of stitching**

Finally a quick update of my stitching.  Now things have settled and kiddies back at school 9am-3pm I can get stuck in and my stitchy bug is itching to go now which has delighted me so much!!

A ladybird motif stitched on a t-shirt for Cara :-)
The labybird is 'Gaston' from Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom
Cara is delighted.  Must take a photo of her in it.

A lovely sparkly biscobud in the making for a very dear friend of mine.
I need to make one each for both my bestest friends in the whole wide world!
They wanted one after I won first prize in the Omagh show with a biscobud
For a wonderful friends lovely new baby girl
Old Stitchers by Just A Moment
I hope to have this finihsed by the end of the week.
Progress photo tomorrow :-)


  1. super cute stitching sis..all the wip's are so cuteeeeeeee
    well done and happy stitching xx

  2. How nice that the kids are in school now and you can stitch! I'm looking forward to seeing Old Stitchers finished!

  3. Great stitching!! Enjoy the kids being back at school & get lots of stitching done!! Good to see you back again too :)

  4. Lovely stitching :D, glad that you have some more stitching time with the kids back to school :D

  5. Hello Heather :) Thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog--I'm happy to have found yours also! Very cute stitching--especially like the little ladybug :) Enjoy your free time while the kids are in school...