Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend of stitching and reading :-)

Hello to you all

This weekend was an odd quiet weekend.  My children went to stay with their father from 2pm on Saturday.  So by he time I had collected James from his school camping trip and got myself settled back at home I stitched and read the weekend away :-)

Back Packer James
I have spent about a week on this so far with the majority of the stitching done during Craft Club.  We have moved our location of the Craft Club to a local Coffee Cafe/Bar/Nightclub venue.  Don't worry only coffee served at the time the craft Club is going on but I don't drink anyway so I'm fine with my caffeine fix lol!!  I did some over the weekend but I enjoyed relaxing and reading and chatting to Laura, James and friends :-)

Old Stitchers by Just A Moment
I think this will look like when Im finished lol
Now then .... my love for reading and my friends love for reading has inspired us to set up a Book Club.  It took a while to decide on the first book to read but finally the decision was made and we chose ....

Brilliant Read

I am half way through and I would recommend this book to everyone!!  Totally brilliant, witty and funny.

Well this morning I am going to get some pen-pal letters written as I haven't done any for a while.  So much going on here but now all is back to normal and lots of time for 'me' things :-)

Have a great day everyone



  1. you going along fast with your project..
    love the book so much too..
    happy stitching and happy reading xxx

  2. "Cross Stitchers never grow old, they..." I'm dying to know the rest! That is a cute design.

  3. Love the little old cross stitcher and will enjoy seeing it finished. I'm an "old" stitcher who hopes stitching never ends :)

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend!