Friday, 14 December 2012

A catch up post ....

Hello All,

No stitching done this last week as I have been running here, there and everywhere!!

Then in any free time I have been studying and preparing my assignment for my Psychology Open University Course.  This assignment is due in any day now!! Better get my typing fingers on and get it finished off and sent.

I'm not sure if I have said but I have been voted onto the Parents Council at the little children's Primary school ... I am so excited!!  I am Vice Chairperson :-) The children brought a news letter home and there in type on the school letter was my name!!  That made me even more excited!  

I went to a Parents morning at James' school and I am delighted to report that James is doing excellent in his first year of A-Levels.  In fact, and I have the bragging rights lol, James got 100% in his Maths exam!!!   I am just so proud of him.  James is also doing Computers as Physics which he is doing equally as well in both subjects!  His Physics A-Level wasn't taken up in his 'normal' secondary school so he has to travel to another secondary school in the area to do Physics.  So it was very strange going to another secondary school to meet other teachers.  He misses a big chunk of his computer classes which has been 'okayed' by his computer teacher and the teacher is delighted at the extra effort James is putting into the subject to keep up with all work.   

On Tuesday evening the Primary School at the Christmas Concert for year 3-7 and it was just brilliant!  I was so proud once again that Mark, Conor and Ryan did brilliant!  Ryan was on stage playing his recorder and he did very well despite being super nervous beforehand.  I actually shed a few tears as well.  

Over all I am so proud of my children over the last 6 months.  They have shown such courage and strength with the changes in the household since May but also the uncertainty of the previous months before brought. The children have come on leaps and bounds and have settled so much it is like having different children living with me.

I was soooo soooo proud to see them up on the stage singing and playing their little hearts out.  So I am one happy mummy right now!

Over this weekend I hope to get my assignment finished and the last of the presents sorted then I will be back in full stitching mode for the next few weeks. No school runs or running about to do.  Just shut the door and enjoy my children and sewing.  What more can I ask for.  One happy content woman right now, such a big change from 12 months ago .... such a nightmare and thank goodness it is never to be repeated!  Life is brilliant right now.  

Well I had better get my 'homework' done or the kiddies will be grounding me and banning me from the computer lol

A girl cannot be banned from playing out over the holiday period now ha ha ho ho!!

Happy stitching, knitting, crocheting, Card making, Paper Crafting and everything else!!

Lots of love
Me xxxxx

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  1. Everything sounds great. My daughters school concert is this Thursday. They grow so/to fast:)