Thursday, 6 December 2012

Events of the week

Hello all!

How are you all doing?  All great I hope.

To start off, yesterday evening I discovered I had been awarded a blog award to I am over the moon :-)  This makes a great end to a great day ....

The yesterday Morning I helped out at the Year 1 & 2 Christmas play at the school ... well I dished out the mince pies but its a start and I loved doing it.

I also put myself forward for the parents Council a few weeks ago and I have been voted on as Vice Chairperson.  I cannot wait to get stuck in .... anyway back to the Christmas Play ...

My Katie is in Year 1 so she was in the play and she look adorable all dressed up.  

What a cutie she is

Yesterday evening I collected James from school and he did nothing but talk away and it was fantastic.  We went and did the shopping and once home Laura, James and I started to put up the Christmas Decorations but I must say more giggling and joking went on than putting up decorations!!  We had some good fun!!


Our Tree

My Stitching has taken a back seat at the moment as there are lots of things going on with school and Christmas things but by the end of next week I hope to be back with my needle in hand with nothing but Christmas Dinner to plan .... Lets hope my plans go to plan but if they don't then nothing really drastic to fuss over :-)  All school commitments will be done by Tuesday evening so its just myself and Santa to sort out and I've nearly sorted Santa out so he knows what he is delivering here :-)   

Ryan has challenged me to stitch ...

'Time To Stitch' from a recent Cross Stitch Magazine
I have made a small start but will dig into it and have a good stitching session next week on it and knock Ryans socks off with the progress I make!!

Well its bed time for me ...

'See' you all soon

Love me 



  1. Your daughter is a little cutie:)

  2. Katie is so cute! It looks like your decorating is going great!!
    Lovely stitching challenge too :)

  3. Time to Stitch is a beautiful design! Thanks for sharing a pic of your lovely tree!