Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Hope you are all enjoying ....


Hello and Merry Boxing Day to you all!  I hope you all had a great Christmas Day.

My kiddies had a ball opening all their Santa presents.  A fabulous day all round .... Thanks Santa!!

(Lots of photos)

(L-R) Ryan's, Cara's and Katie's Presents

(L-R) Conor's, Laura's and Marks presents
(L-R) Mine and James' presents

Laura, Mark, Conor and Ryan




Cara and Laura

Mark, Conor and Ryan


My Santa Presents :-) 

Laura, Ryan, Mark, Cara and Katie

The children are all made up with what Santa brought from them!  Cara delighted with her Doll House as she always saw this in Asda and would squeal whenever we went in there as she wanted to play with it.  It got so bad in the end we stopped taking her in there lol!!  She imagine her face when she opened the big parcel on Christmas Morning!!  She played with it all day and was the first thing she did this morning when she came down stairs :-)

Ryan did a list for Santa and he must have done a very good list with sensible things on because he got all he asked for :-) One happy chappy there!!

Conor wanted  lots of things but didn't really did know what lol!!  Santa did a good job with a mix of his favorite things.

Mark wanted Hot Wheels and Lego so Santa brought him a mix.

Katie wanted Hello Kitty stuff and that's what she go so she is now one great big Hello Kitty girl!!!

Cara got the Doll House and Peppa Pig stuffs

Laura and James both didn't know what they wanted at all so Santa was sensible and got them a few bits and pieces, books and DVD's and left them a packet of money each lol!! 

I had no clue either so asked for a book and chocs ... I got loads .... Kindle Fire HD, book, DVD, perfume and loads of other goodies!!  I got spoiled with loads of surprises :-)

Enjoy the rest of Boxing Day.

Im off to get a bit of stitching done.  Kids away now until Friday so I am chilled out today.  Once the house was quiet it hit me how worn out I was so I just did nothing lol!!!  Two more full days ahead of me so I hope to get some progress on my WIP's

Bye for now

Love Heather


  1. gosh that was a lot of presents dropped off by santa there and love your arm rest tidy too and nice socks as well ... that was one thing missing this year for me .. hope you have a very merry stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxxx

    1. Thanks Mouse!

      Yes Santa was busy at our house. bet he went to bed with a sore back lol!! Have a merry Stitchy New Year yourself. Love me xxxx

  2. Lots of nice pressies. The kids sound very happy:)

  3. It looks like the kids had a fabulous Christmas!!

  4. Merry Christmas to your wonderful family! Santa was busy at your house!