Saturday, 15 December 2012

Party with Santa!!!!!

Good Evening bloggers!!

What a fantastic Morning we all had!  We went to party with Santa!!!

Cara and Party food

Katie and Santa

Katie, Mark, Cara and James

Katie, Santa and Mark

Ryan and Santa


L-R Cara, Conor, Katie, Santa, Mark and Ryan (at the back)

Conor is in his Karate suit as the Party was in the Community Center where Conor was having his Karate Lesson!  I had to pinch him from his lesson to receive his present from Santa and then again for a group photo which is why Conor has bare feet!!  At least Conor got good exercise running from room to room lol!!

A brilliant morning had by us all!!

This afternoon Laura, Johnny, James and I got the presents wrapped.  I am going to have a little play on the net then get the rest of my assignment finished then I'm as free as a little birdie til after New Year!!

Have a good weekend all

Love me xxxxx


  1. lovely to see them all having a fab time :)well done on all the activities etc that you have all been up too .. keep up the good work with the schooling as well ... and so glad things have settled down for you too :)
    have a wonderful Christmas and a merry new year :) love mouse xxxxx

  2. aww so much fun..they all looking so happy..
    i wish you all a very happy christmas deary x
    love xx

  3. Your children are adorable! I'm sure Katie loved wearing that pretty Christmas dress!