Monday, 7 January 2013

For My Darling

Little Cara ....

I have stitched an everlasting piece for Ryan, Conor, Mark and Katie but yet to stitch for Cara.
(Laura and James can both stitch so they can do their own ha ha ha he he lol Meanie mummy!!!)

There were 2 different charts that I thought she would like but I wanted Cara to choose.  Yes she is only 2 years old but believe me this chick knows her own mind and what she wants!!!

I was talking to Steph and she threw in a 3rd chart to the mix (Thanks Steph!! lol)

So I printed of a good size picture of each one and gave them to Cara. She looked at them and carried the pictures around for an hour or so but kept stopping to 'study' them ...

1) Air Goddess
2) Daffodil Fairy
3) Summer Fairy

All Joan Elliot designs ... it was Summer Fairy Steph threw into the mix ...

I love Air Goddess, Steph preferred Daffodil Fairy before she suggested Summer Fairy because Cara is a Summer baby!!  Plus Steph has already stitched Summer Fairy and we both know its gorgeous!!  When I was printing the pictures James said Summer Fairy is more Cara!!  That boy knows his little sister very well indeed!

Anyway Cara chose ....

Summer Fairy

By Joan Elliott

Well Cara, My lovely little girlie, Mummy has ordered 'the stuff' and I will start ASAP!!


P.S  Can I do Air Goddess for me because I think she is Cool!!!

Air Goddess

By Joan Elliott


  1. Summer Fairy is beautiful. Cara has good taste!

    1. She does! I really didn't think she would actually choose one but she did!!

  2. oooo she has good taste .. and yes you can do the other for you ;) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Yup she has a good taste..she is so beautiful xxx

  4. ROFL!! See, I knew she would pick summer fairy LOL. Can't wait to see your progress pictures and a pic of Miss C's little face when she is finished (in about 4 months time haha) xxxx

  5. What a beautiful, feminine design. Your little one will cherish it forever, I'm sure :)

  6. Cara has great taste. A lovely design to choose but I think I will grant my permission for you to start Air Goddess for I'm looking forward to seeing your progress :)

  7. Well done to Cara...great choice!