Saturday, 5 January 2013

Introducing the New Love of my life .....

Hi all!!

Well here he is .... (bet you thought I was going to say a man ... well now that would be telling ... lol)

Charlie Bear Alphabet

Designed by Margaret Sherry

I started this piece ooooo quite a while ago now.  I am doing him as a SAL with the one and only lovely bessie called Steph.  Click on her name to go to her blog and see her progress.

I was doing my HAED Fireside Fairytales but had to put it away.  I think this well be my 'Kids away for every other weekend' project ... in other words when my adorable mob stay with their father 2 night per month!!  Then I can stitch my heart out :-)

Steph mentioned stitching on her Charlie so I copied!! I am really looking forward to stitching all of him.  Ryan told me off for not giving Charlie a face so I spent the best part of 2 days, on and off, working on the backstitch.  I still have to backstitch the letters but at least I've made a start.  Think I will also copy Steph again and do the backstitch as I go along, once I have caught up on the rest of it!!  

No other news from here other than back to school Monday for my lot!!  Ha Ha!!

Take care and be good!!

Love me 

PS .... Take a look at Ryan's Blog (my 2nd eldest son and he is 9 years old)  xxxxx


  1. That is going to be adorable:)

  2. It's so cute! Great idea to backstitch as you go. The kids will be excited to see your progress every weekend when they come home!

  3. ooo well done and backstitching as you go along is sooooo much better take it from one who knows :) love mouse xxxxx