Monday, 14 January 2013

My Charlie and my Katie

Hello all!

Here is my Charlie Bear Alphabet SAL with Steph ... letters A-G fully completed.
I am really delighted with how he is looking at the moment.

Charlie Bear Alphabet SAL
Designed by Margaret Sherry

as 14 January 2013
Letters A-G completed

Charlie has been put away for the moment as I have a few essays to get written for my Open University course I am doing so whilst studying and writing essays I will do a few smaller pieces in between.    

This evening I started a smaller design by Margaret Sherry.  Will post a photo when I have done some more on it.  It is 2 hedgehogs doing a crossword!  Its the same picture that is the header on the Margaret Sherry Lovers blog 

Katie spotted it and said that I have to stitch it for myself because I love Crosswords and I love Cross Stitch lol!!  This child knows me too well ha ha :-)

Speaking of Katie, she came home with her first lot of homework today and she was delighted!!  I wonder how long that will last :-P

Katie showing off her homework bag

Katie doing her very first piece of homework

Yes she has her Santa Dress on lol!!

No other news from my little corner of the globe!

Keep safe and well all.  Will post a photo tomorrow of my little crossword cross stitch piece for me :-)

Love me


  1. Charlie is looking great. I suspect you are right, the novelty of home work will soon wear off!

  2. The Charlir bears are adorable....but not quite as adorable as your daughter!

  3. The alphabet is adorable. Lol at your daughter. Just keep those photos till she is 15 to remind her:)

  4. Really cute Charlie alphabet! You're doing a wonderful stitch of it! Can't wait to see your hedgehogs!! Cute that your daughter still wearing her Santa dress!! :) Happy Stitching!

  5. Your Charlie Bear Alphabet looks great! How cute that your daughter is wearing her Santa dress and right tights!

  6. Your daughter is very cute, and I love her dress!

  7. Your daughter is a doll!!!
    She's so cute!
    But i'm in love with your Charlie Bear Alphabet: gorgeous!!!

  8. Great progress!
    Go Katie! She is so cute.

  9. How long that will last! LOL :D she looks so happy!! :D
    Your SAL looks adorable =) Great work!! :D

  10. Charlie bear alphabet is looking fantastic!
    Hope the enthusiasm for homework continues!

  11. Great work on Charlie Bear. Katie looks like she is really enjoying her homework. Isn't school fun when you are young.