Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Time to make progress

Hello All

The other evening I spent hours sorting and putting away my threads that I had out loose.  Terrible trying to find a thread and it not in my boxes so I printed off a 'DMC Shoppers checklist' of all the threads and marked off what I had and what was missing.  I have all the DMC range which I have collected over the years so when I want a thread I know it should be ... somewhere!!!

Here is the link in case anyone wants a list too!!  DMC Shoppers Checklist

Yesterday evening I had a sort out of on going projects and came across one I had totally forgotten about!!  I really need to make a full and detailed list of all projects I have started.

Whilst having a rummage through my stuff I came across this one

Stitchy Sampler from a
Cross Stiching magazine

My son Ryan challenged me to stitch this a while ago.  he gave me a weekend to do it but unfortunately something else came up so I never got chance or time to sit and stitch it. So I think I will stitch as much as I can until this weekend.

The children are away this weekend so I hope to have received my threads for Air Goddess by then and I will spend the whole weekend stitching my big heart out!!

I hope my thread order comes because it has the stuff I need for the Winter Exchange over on the Stitched With Love Exchanges blog  Cutting it fine if my parcel does not arrive on time for me to sort out what I am making and sending to my partner.

Well I had better make a move and get on with some Stitching.

Have a great day all

Love me


  1. Enjoy your stitching weekend! Looks like I'm going to join you, nothing else to do with all that snow :)

    1. Now there's an idea Mii Stitch ... a SAL this weekend!! I aim to do nothing but eat, drink coffee and stitch :-) Enjoy your weekend too xxxx

  2. Looks like a very beautifull design!
    Waiting for the finished project ;)

  3. Thanks for the list, it will be very useful for me too!

    The stitching looks great, I would like to see it finished. Have a nice day.

  4. Nice start! Enjoy your stitchy weekend.

  5. Hello

    Lovely start and have a good stitching weekend.

  6. Nice start. Hope you get a chance to stitch your heart out this weekend.

  7. Cute project. Cute wait to see it completed. :)

  8. I just printed DMC Shopper list off and intent to use it this afternoon. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Cute start to Stitchy Sampler!
    Happy Stitching

  9. I love organizing my floss too. I also keep a list like that, but I put little letters next to each color, which correspond to a project I have kitted up, so I know where my floss is!

  10. super you my sis..
    love you x

  11. That's too funny - I put all my threads away yesterday as well, took an hour and half. :) Happy Stitching! :)

  12. Look forward to seeing your progress. I am in the process of sorting my threads out, not my favourite job as I have to put some threads on bobbins too. Would much rather be stitching.

  13. Enjoy your stitching weekend. Looking forward to seeing your progress.