Saturday, 2 February 2013

Another Child For Me ....

Well what can I say ... I'm now a mother to 8!  

If my children have their own way it would actually be 9 lol

Ok let you in on the secret ... I have sponsored a child in Lusaka Zambia.  Her name is Josephine and she is 4 years old.

Josephine Aged 4

From Lusaka Zambia

Child we have sponsored through World Vision

I used World Vision to sponsor the child through.  I did sponsor a child many many years ago for a long time and once he became of age the sponsorship automatically ended and I never did get around to sponsoring another ... until now :-)

My kiddies are delighted they have a Sister in another Country and cannot wait to start writing to her.

Before we can do anything we have to wait for all the details to come through and this should be within the next week.

My lot now want me to sponsor an older boy so I will 'have a look' on the website again later on.  Little Josephine just popped out at me because she looked so sad.  

I have a few things to do plus get Ryan some medicine as he is really bad with the virus.  The others seem to be over it but Ryan got it last and its hit him hard!!

That's what got me thinking about children not as fortunate as mine, medicine made them better in days but many children don't have that advantage.  As I was thinking that a sponsorship advert came on TV!!

I call that FATE!!  I'm a believer in such things as there have been too many coincidences in my life to say 'it just happened' lol

Anyway I will stop rambling on and on and get some things done lol

Bye for now

Love me 



  1. How wonderful to sponsor this little girl. When I lived in the DR Congo my heart broke every day seeing all of the beautiful children trying so hard to survive.

  2. Congratulations to you and your family with Josephine's sponsorship. An open heart is a blessed heart. Jane

  3. Welcome Josephine to your fabulous family.

  4. Congrats, my mum had done that years ago!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. That's a beautiful thing that you've done Heather.

  6. What a lovely thing for you and your family to have done.