Monday, 11 February 2013

Joan Elliott's Summer Fairy ... Started :-) Plus last days for giveaway

Good Morning all!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I had a quiet stitching weekend with no one asking for juice or more food or this that and the other BUT it is so strange without my little voices in the house!  They enjoy themselves and that's all that counts :-)

I started Cara's Summer Fairy and I must say she is going to be a pleasure to stitch.
I just could not put her down!!  I think Joan Elliott designs are going to be a new addiction for me lol!

Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott

Stitching as at the end of

10th February 2013

I think she is just gorgeous.  Loving the colours and the fabric.  I cant wait to see her come to life on the fabric!

I hope to get some more done on her this week but I fear it might not be too much as Cara came home last night from her fathers with a high temperature and sneezing which meant me and her had an awful nights sleep! This morning she is totally full of cold and all grumpy and I am starting to feel a little 'off' myself.  I think I am getting the germs the kiddies had for the last few weeks and now sharing Cara's cold!  This is the thanks I get for being 'Nurse Mummy' in our 'Living Room Hospital Ward' :-(  lol

I think I will find a little kit to stitch in between coughs and sneezes lol

The Book Club I am in have chosen its new book for this month and it is:-

Book Club Book for February

I have ordered the book and I am really looking forward to reading this.  It sounds really good!

Oh I know what I can stitch .... A Bookmark :-)  I have a lovely Winnie The Pooh bookmark kit!!

I did stitch myself a Pooh Bear Bookmark years go but James stole it and refuses to give it back lol!!

Dont forget my Giveaway ... Closing date tomorrow evening and I will do the draw on Wednesday Morning.

Click HERE to for straight to the posting.  Dont forget to make sure you are a follower and have posted on your blog as I will be checking once winner is drawn :-)

No other news from here at the moment.

Have a great day all

Love me


  1. wow well done sis..great progress x

  2. Great start!! Very pretty colors :)
    Have a great week!! :D

  3. She looks gorgeous, you have made some really good progress! Hope Cara gets better soon... I always worry when my little boy gets a cold. Have a lovely day x

  4. Hello Heather

    Hope you and Cara feel better soon.
    Summer Fairy is looking beautiful already!
    Thank you for the book link too.

  5. Great progress on Summer Fairy. Take care of yourself and Cara.

  6. Great the colors so far.

    Sorry your little one is sick...I know just how she feels, LOL Started a week ago...hopefully on the mend soon.

  7. Nice progress!

    Feel better soon. :)

  8. Nice progress!

    Feel better soon. :)

  9. Your Summer Fairy is coming along beautifully! I just love her on that fabric. I recently stitched her on beige linen, before I discovered the amzing world of hand dyed fabric!

  10. Great start, and I LOVE the fabric! I hope your household is germ free soon!

  11. That is great progress Heather! I like JE too....never stitched her bigger fairies though. Looking forward to her coming to life :)

  12. Beautiful stitching, Heather! Have fun making yourself a new bookmark!