Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Look what I'm doing plus ... exciting post today!!

Evening all!

First of all thank you all so very much for your get well wishes for the kiddies and myself.  Fingers crossed we are germ free BUT Mark fell yesterday in school and hurt his foot lol  

It never rains but it pours!!  He seems OK today.  Its not swollen or in pain.  I think he is just scared of walking to far or much in case he falls over again!  he crashed into someone else in the playground at lunch time!!  

Well I think what i am doing is a great idea lol

You know I love to read and stitch well I am a reader that has no stitched bookmark!!

Now that should be a criminal offence lol!!  

I have used a scrappy piece of paper and have done for a while so I thought ...

"Stitch yourself a bookmark woman"

I started the other evening but didn't get much done with Cara not being well.  I sat for a short while this evening and did some more.

A bookmark for me!
I hope to finish it tomorrow and then Mr Pooh Bear can sit in my new book and guard the pages lol

New book with half a stitched bookmark

They look well together!!

Mind you Katie spotted me stitching Pooh Bear and guess what she said?  Oh I bet you cant guess lol

"Mummy can I have a Pooh Bear Bookmark for my school reading books please"  Now how could I refuse such a lovely request!!

Today in the post I got all the details on Josephine, the little girl we are sponsoring   Now have an address to send her some letters and small gifts if we which too.  The kiddies are going to draw her some pictures.  I'll stitch her a little something for a keepsake.  The kiddies suggested a rag doll or teddy for her which I think is a great idea.

It is also her Birthday in May and she will be 5 years old so we are thinking of a little something that we can send.  Large gifts aren't allowed to be sent but trying to think of something small that will get all the way over to Zambia in one piece is tricky!  The things we take for granted really do make the simple everyday objects hard to think of!!  

I also received my Winter Exchange in the post today and i am over the moon with it and thats all Im allowed to say .... for now!!

Well Im off to refesh myself with a chapter of my OU course book then get my essay finished off :-)

Nighty Night all
Take care and keep safe

Love me



  1. It looks like you'll be stitching two Pooh bookmarks soon! What a sweet daughter, to ask so politely. Little Josephine will be thrilled with all the drawings and little goodies that come from your family all the way to her!

  2. I'm sure Josephine will love receiving your parcel. Little girls are so hard to say no to aren't they:)

  3. Sounds like you're going to have to stitch yourself another bookmark Heather :) Sweeties and a pretty dress are always a girl's favourites :) Just thinking of ideas for Josephine! I'm so excited for you!Poor Mark! Hope he's feeling a bit more stable on his feet:)

  4. How about something simple like pencil crayons and a padgood Job so far on Pooh, but it does look like you'll be stitching two of them!

  5. Great start on the bookmark! My cousin used to go to Africa quite a lot & always packed simple items like basic pens, pencil, colouring books, cheap tshirts, flipflops.... The kids always loved them all!! Have fun in deciding what to put in your parcel. It's a really lovely thing to do Heather

  6. Thanks everyone! Lots of drawings and ideas flapping about in our house lol!! The child will be lost under presents and pictures :-)

  7. love your bookmark, i have quite a few stitched ones but now only read on my kindle lol!

  8. I've enjoyed the book when I have read it ... couldn't put it down. Though when I have recommended it to my mum she thought it was very depressing. Strange how different people relate differently to books. Enjoy.