Thursday, 21 February 2013

What a load of Pooh!!

Good Evening all xxx

lol ... My pooh Bear Bookmark that is!!  He is a cutie :-)

What a cutie to

Keep my page safe :-)

I am really looking forward to having a SAL with all that wishes and can stitch along with us at the weekend.

I have made fab progress on my Easter Exchange for the Margaret Sherry SAL Blog and will be ready to post after the weekend.  I am a little behind on this with kids being ill then giving me their germs ... nice children lol

As for the Travelling Pattern .... well I really could not help but have a little stitch on it this afternoon!!  I had to laugh though because I didn't have my stitching lamp on because I don't need it on during the day but Cara told me off for not using it lol!!  Just hope she doesn't start trying to organise my stash hahahaha!  

I hope you can stitch along for a little while somewhere between Friday and Sunday evening.

have fun and keep safe

Love me xxx


  1. That is a really cute Pooh;)

  2. I have a Pooh cs book but I have never finished any! This is so cute! Totally inspiring me to have a look at my old book again! Plus my 4 year-old son loves the 100 Acre Wood! :D

  3. Lovely Heather!! Better get it out of sight before one of the kiddies claim it :)

  4. Cute little bookmark Heather :) I love your tittle too, it made me smile :D

  5. Adorable! well done sweetie :D

  6. Cute bookmark and just perfect for keeping your place.