Thursday, 25 April 2013

Joan Elliott Summer Fairy and a Life update!!

Hello there friends

How is everyone today?  I hope everyone is fine and being good lol  Nah good is boring!!

I did a little of Summer Fairy over the weekend and did some lovely reading too

Here is Summer Fairy's progress

Summer Fairy as as
21st April 2013

I will have to make a move on the teacher stitching as i have a few to do for the end of June so I think I will stitch them or a while now.

Life has been crazy this week with appointments and poor mark and Cara had to have injections.  It does not seem to have bothered Mark but poor Cara has sore legs now as the injections were in both legs.  Poor girl is in pain and having problems walking because her legs are stiff!  At least all her injections are up to date now which is good.  She will be fine in a few days but it is heartbreaking seeing her in pain and so sad!

Whilst I was at the Dr's the nurse 'grabbed' me and got all my health checks up to date too lol!!  I think she had a lack of appointments so she 'grabbed' me for something to do!!  Oh well at least everything is done and I now don't have to make an appointment and wait to go the Dr's :-)

Towards the end of the week and at the weekend I am helping out at the little ones school so I am and have been a busy bee this week!!  I'll be glad of a rest next week lol

Have a great day all

Bye for now

Love me


  1. Great stitching...and hugs for your little one!

  2. Nice progress on your fairy. Hope your little ones feel better soon. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our stitching time.

  3. Summer Fairy is turning out beautiful.

  4. Nice progress! Your fairy looks so pretty :D

  5. Summer Fairy is looking really good. Hope your little ones feel better soon.

  6. Your Summer Fairy is coming along beautifully :)