Tuesday, 9 April 2013

More Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott

Welcome all,

I had a lovely weekend stitching, reading and watching TV!  

My 'rest' from the children is over for another 2 weeks but to be very honest I am glad!

So nice to have them back home and back into my routine :-)

I did a little on a stitching gift for another of the teachers and the Summer Fairy for Cara!

As at the end of Stitching 8th April 2013

Laura had her 23rd Birthday on the 4th April and today is James' 17th birthday .... oh wow how did my kids get so old lol  Only another 2 months and Cara will be 3 years old!!  oooo I feel very old now lol!!

Well it is the small hours of the morning ... back to school routines on Wednesday and I will be glad to get this house back into an order :-)  I do like a routine!!

That's all for now folks .... 

Happy stitching and crafting

Love me xxxxx


  1. So much easier with a routine and kids I think. The fairy is so pretty:)

  2. She's sooooo lovely! I really like Joan Elliot's designs, though I've never stitched one. That my have to change soon... :D

  3. Gorgeous progress! Happy Birthday to the kids!

  4. Lovely progress on your stitching! Don't worry, I like my routine too... and it's important for the kids too! Have a lovely day x

  5. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Your stitching is lovely, Summer Fairy has such beautiful colours.

    1. Welcome Poppy! Thank you for your lovely comment :-) xxxx

  6. Summer Fairy is pretty no matter what stage you're at with the stitching. Love seeing your progress.

  7. Summer Fairy looks great. You must miss the children when they are way. My eldest will be 24 this year and my youngest is 15, I kind of miss the days when they were little.