Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Round Robin

Hello there!

Last night I finished the stitching for my Round robin (RR) and I am delighted with my choice :-)

Good Things chart

I have my other 6 designs chosen and all I need to do now is tack the boxes where I want my friends to stitch and Im good to post onto

One of my friends stitching Steph from Stephie's Stitching Blog is a member of the group and I must say .... WOW her RR is looking fantastic!!  She is excited that's for sure lol!!  Steph is a fantastic stitcher.

Today I aim to get started on the last teacher stitching and then make them all into something.  Time is running away with me as they finish school for the summer on 28th June for 9 weeks summer holiday!  Its going to be a blast :-)

We are in the process of getting the garden clean up and I have ordered some outdoor toys for them and a big double swing with see-saw thing on it :-)  They will love it!!

Well all have a lovely day

Love me xxxx


  1. Summer break will be here before you know it! Good luck with the making everything for teachers gifts - hope you get them all done in time!!! Love your LK stitching - so cute!

  2. Your LK is looking great!

  3. Wow looking so sweet...xx

  4. What a great start to your RR. It will be fun to see it come back to you all filled with L*K designs!

  5. Looking forward to watching your RR progress. I checked out Stephie's and it is beautiful.

  6. So pretty! Lovely stitching sweetie :)

  7. Enjoy your RR they can be a lot of fun!