Friday, 7 June 2013

Birthday Treats and a night out

Good very early hours of Friday Morning lol

Yes its bedtime for me in a moment but i probably wont have a chance to update my blog for a day or so.  I might as well do it now whilst i have the laptop on my knee lol

Tonight I had a lovely night out with friends to a place called Pizzarama ... yes ... they serve pizza haha!!  It was my friend Karen's Birthday so we had an kiddie free evening and stuffed our faces and we all had a brilliant time.

I stitched a lovely Lizzie*Kate design for Karen and whip stitched it in to a hanging ornament.  We all love coffee and have many weekly coffee sessions in my house ... oooo bliss!!

For my lovely friend Karen

and I wrapped it up to look exciting lol

All wrapped up

Tomorrow is Katie and Marks's sports day at school and I can't wait.  Just hope it is not as hot as today because it was roasting!!  I have also volunteered to serve refreshments for the Nursery children's parents after the children have had their sports day.  A busy day for me at school tomorrow and I'm not even a pupil lol!!

Bye for now

Love and hugs me


  1. What a great birthday gift. Nice job. You enjoy all the work you do at school. My years have long passed and I do miss the things that I did.

  2. Lovely ornament; very apt. Have fun at the school!

  3. That's so lovely, Lizzie*kate charts are fab

  4. Oooh sound like you girls had a great pizza time! :D Love your handmade present for your friend, she must have loved it! Good luck for tomorrow x

  5. What a sweet gift! Great finish.
    Have fun with the kids!

  6. Lovely gift! Congrats on your work sweetie :)

  7. What a perfect gift for your friend!

  8. A lovely gift for your friend. It sounds like you had a good time.