Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Conor and Karate

Good Evening bloggers!

I hope everyone is well.  All is good here ... well I'll pretend I said that lol! It was a bit touch and go with sickness on Sunday evening/Monday daytime as the kiddies returned from their fathers and  reported that their father had been sick all weekend!!   Ryan had a temperature of 101F so he was off school on Monday and today.  Mark looked ill last night but after a good sleep he was fine ... so all in all a lucky escape for the kiddies!!  It must be all the good food and vitamins I have been giving them :-)  

Last Saturday Conor entered his grading for his orange Belt and he passed :-) One happy little Conor!!! He is really delighted with himself and he cant wait for his next grading haha!!  

The Karate Kid

Orange Karate Dog

The children have the rest of this week and next week in school and then 9 weeks summer holidays for us to have fun fun FUN!!  But before the fun can start with the kiddies over the holidays I have to have fun fun FUN putting the teacher gifts together :-)

I spent a few hours over the weekend finishing off my pen-pal letters!!

I just love sending and receiving letters.  So much better than getting bills and junk mail I think!

My RR has also been posted to Cucki.  I am so looking forward to getting RR's I the post again.

Nothing else to report

Have fun and be good!!

Love and hugs



  1. Congrats to Conor, that's a lovely photo!
    Love the karate dog (:

  2. The karate dog is cute! Congrats to Connor!

  3. Lovely karate stitching & congrats to your little one!

  4. Congrats to Connor!! :D Well done!

    Guess what I got on my mailbox today.. your travelling pattern :D thank you sweetie! I will stitch it this weekend and post again next week ;)

    Hugs&smiles, Nia

  5. Hi,
    Congrats to your son!!!! That great feeling much better!!!!

  6. Congrats to the little guy! Being involved in Taekwon-Do I know how much work goes into moving from one level to the next!!!! He must be just so pleased!

  7. Congratulations to Connor on his orange belt. We only have 4 days left of school, can hardly wait.

  8. Hope everyone is feeling better!