Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Last few days ...

Hi there!

The last few days we have seen some nice weather pass through our little part of the world so it was 'all hands on deck' to get the garden cleaned and tided up!!  I think we all did a great job :-)

Airplane Cara

Katie having lots of fun on her trike

Ryan, Cara and Conor

Cara Exploring

Katie on the stepping stones

Cara and Katie up to mischief

James trying to get away from the camera

James throwing the ball from the bottom
of the garden to the top for Laura to catch.
Mark is holding a hula hoop up for James to throw the ball through

Laura throwing the ball back

Over the weekend I got a bit done on Cara's Summer Fairy and a birthday card for a friend stitched and even posted :-)

I will post photos of my stitching as I forgot to take some before ... doh!!



  1. Wow ,you have a fab garden. Bet it's great for the kids to play out .x

  2. And not a weed in sight!! Heaven! :D Lovely pix of the kids x

  3. How fun to have such a big family :D And everyone having a great time together!! :D

  4. Thanks for sharing such a happy, normal day with us. I raised four and I remember those days. Your garden looks to be a fun family project :)

  5. The weather has been great here too. My sons have constructed a pull up bar in the garden.