Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Summer Fairy and Kiddie update

Good afternoon bloggers

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunny weather.  Its lovely here in Northern Ireland.

This morning Laura, Cara and myself have been out to look at furniture for inside and for the garden.  I hope to get a bit of decorating done in the house over the summer and get a few room brightened up.

Over the weekend I got a bit done on Cara's Summer Fairy.  I think the fabric could do with an iron lol

Summer Fairy as at 2 June 2013

Yesterday Laura and James with the help of Cara put up the big swing for the kiddies

A small swing!!

The swing lifter Laura and the leg putter on-er James haha

Are they all in tight Laura? lol

Cara the Tester

Happy Kiddies

Katie, James and Ryan planting

Katie and Ryan planting some more
The children will want to play outside today after doing homework so I think I will take the dinning table outside and we can have our tea outside :-)   We saw some lovely new patio sets today so I think I will treat us to one.

No other news from here!  Too busy playing out in the garden to get much else done :-)

Have a lovely day all

Love and hugs me


  1. The weather for once is just a beautiful down here in County Roscommon; so nice! Best make the most of it!

  2. Great the kids having fun!

  3. Fairy is looking great. Great pictures and the kids are having fun. I like the thought of having tea outside. I wish I could do that.

  4. Great progress on your Summer fairy! Swingset!!! How fun! I'm in my 30's and still love to swing! I had a huge swingset as a child. One of those huge wooden ones with a climbing area on one end, and monkeybars and swings, and I forget what all! I spent many a summer day out there on it! Fun times!

  5. Great progress on Sujmmer fairy and looks like the swing was a hit!

  6. Great progress on summer fairy.
    The kids look like they are having a great time!

  7. A swing!!! How awesome :D
    Your fairy looks great! Nice progress :)

  8. Your Summer Fairy is looking good. The weather has been great and my family having been enjoying the sunshine too.