Thursday, 27 June 2013

Teacher Gift Stitching

Hello all,

I hope everyone is well.  I can't believe it has been over a week since I have been on my blog but I have a very good excuse ... I have been busy stitching teacher gifts :-)  

I had the pieces stitched up but just needed to put them together which I spent most of last week doing.  I did have a little 'accident' ... well it wasn't my fault ... I blame Cara lol!!  we were messing about and being totally silly when she went to throw herself at some force onto the floor.  Anyone's natural reaction would be to catch the little imp before she smashed onto the floor!!!  Well I did and hurt my wrist.  I have never had a bruise so big and black before lol!!  

So, stitching was painful and slow but me being as stubborn as I am I had to get the gifts done!  I couldn't let the children down because they had chosen what they wanted me to stitch.

Here are the results of some wonderful choices by the children!  Each child chose something their teachers like which I thought was lovely and showed that they did pay attention in class lol 

Teacher Gifts
Ryan's Teachers Gift
Conor's Teacher Gift
Mark's Teacher Gift 

Katie's Teacher Gift

Katie's Class Room Assistants Gift

I am totally delighted with how the gifts turned out :-)

I'm a little behind with other stitching but I am sure I will soon catch up as the children are of school from tomorrow for the school summer hoildays plus they are away this weekend.  James also goes to Spain on Sunday so there is no time scale and rushing about for the next 2 months :-)  Bliss!!!

Have a great day and weekend all 

Love me



  1. Heather, these are wonderful! I know that the teachers will be thrilled to receive them.

  2. Cute gifts!! Sure, the kids must be feeling satisfied with these gifts :) great job !!

  3. These are just so sweet, what a great idea for presents (:

  4. They all so sweet...I am sure the teachers will love them all.
    Big hugs x

  5. Super little ornaments for the teachers! They will love them all :)

  6. The teachers gifts are all terrific! Hope your wrist is lots better!

  7. Hope your wrist is good. I love your gifts. I'm sure the teacher appreciated them more because they were homemade and your child picked it out for them.

  8. The gifts areadorable! You did a great job! I hope your wrist is doing better.

  9. All so cute! Adorable gifts =)
    Don't know if you've seen my blog, I stitched the Travelling Pattern and now it's going to Mii Stitch :) Thank your for this chance!! :D

  10. Sooo wonderful those stitched gifts!
    Great idea to let the kids decide which design they are gonna give!

  11. These are such nice gifts for the teachers! I'm sorry you hurt your wrist, but thank goodness you got everything done anyway!

  12. So cute, can't believe how busy you are! X

  13. Sorry to hear that you hurt your wrist...
    Well done on finishing some absolutely gorgeous gifts for the teachers :)