Sunday, 9 June 2013

TUSAL (a few minutes late)

Hello bloggers,

Here is my TUSAL ... just a little after the 8th June!!

TUSAL as at
8Th June 2013

I have put my cancer wrist band around  the top of my TUSAL jar.  I was wearing it but the fabric kept catching on it!

I have finished off my Lizzie Kate RR and hemmed up the fabric. I must take a photo of it!!

Friday turned into a crazy day lol  Sports day was brilliant and Katie got 3rd in the 'Run with a beanbag on your head' race :-)  Mark did really well too but did get 'placed' in the race but he doesn't care which to be honest is the best way to be .... its the fun that's more important not winning!  

Ryan decided that since Katie and Mark could go home after sports day so was he!!  he arranged with his teacher to ask me if he could leave school when i go lol!!  Other siblings are allowed to go home when other years have sports day and Ryan knew I was going to leave him and Conor there (meanie mummy lol) so yes I saw the little loving face and caved lol!!  I went and arranged with Conors teacher for him to go too!  Cara was delighted seeing her brothers and sister arrive home nice and early.  

once home I decided to arrange haircuts for kiddies and hairdresser had a free appointment for one of the girls so I took Katie as I can take Cara during the day when Katie is at school.  Katie had about 5 inches chopped off as she is fed up with it being long.  I must get a photo of her.

Saturday Laura and Johnny took the 3 boys to the barbers.  It was either they took the boys or I did so we decided since Johnny's car was last up the drive way it should be first out haha .... oh shouldn't laugh I got left with the housework lol 

I must get some photos as the kiddies look brilliant with their new hairstyles!!  They went to a different barbers as their usual one was closed and they really wanted their hair cut as they were roasting hot and wanted the rugs on their heads chopped off lol!!

Well I'm off to finish my Father's day card order off on then I'm off to bed!!  

Will post photos of the kiddies and stitching asap.

Oh yes .... shhhh... I got the Dictionary of Technology for James and will stitch it when he is away in Spain with mum and dad in July :-)  

Bye for now.  Take care in that hot sun!!

Love me


  1. Enjoy your weekend sweetie! :)

  2. sounds like a busy weekend and didnt they do well at sports day

  3. I can't wait to see you start stitching the Dictionary of Technology! How perfect that he'll be away so you can surprise him when it's finished!

  4. Lovely orts.
    Sounds like a great weekend.