Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Good News and a general up-date :-)

Hello there all!

Wow my posts are few and far between this month ... (Blame the kids lol)

With the holidays computer use is limited and stitching is in fits and starts depending on the weather!!  I have done a few more of James' Dictionary of Stitches but the kids have been using my camera and I cant find the memory card I had the photo on!  I think it is in Ryan's room so I will get it in the morning and post a photo plus a photo of the Michael Powell stitch I did weeks ago!  Oh I'm slow this month haha!!

All in all great summer holidays so far well until the rain came that was!

The children are off to their father's for a whole 9 days on Saturday ... I shall have to plan myself some mischief I think lol :-)

Anyway, my good news ....

Katie had a Hospital appointment last week, which included a scan of her heart and the hole has very nearly closed :-)  The scan actually showed the part of the heart that has healed!!  It is so small now that the murmur cannot be heard but the scan showed that it is still there.  She has to go back in 2 years and with luck it will defiantly be gone :-)


I passed my Psychology Open University Course yay!!!  

I am delighted with myself!  Just a few more courses and I will have a University qualification :-)  Im delighted with myself!!

I have no other news.  Jut thought Id better say 'Hello' in case you all thought I had run off somewhere!!

Bye for now y lovely friends in my lappy!!!

Love me


  1. Congratulations on passing your Course! Well done :o) Great reward for all the hard work!
    Fantastic news about Katie :o) I can imagine you are all very pleased that the hole is closing!
    Enjoy your time without the kids - I know you will miss them but make the most of them being away from home and stitch to your hearts content!!
    Hugs x

  2. I love to hear from you.Very good for Katie.I wish her all the best..:) 9 days without the kids...enjoy it...Congratulations on your Psychology Open University Course! :)

  3. Great news!! :D Congrats to you!! Well done :D And I'm also very happy to hear the news about you DD =)
    Enjoy your Summer with the kids!!! :D