Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fairy Grandmother and TUSAL

Good Morning all,

Well over where I am it has been lovely weather until last night and then it poured with rain for hours!  It is still raining slightly which is a pain as I am off into town to get my hair cut this afternoon and then go and get most of the kids uniforms for September!!  Not long now until they are back in school!

The kiddies sound like they are having a blast with their father. Ryan has phoned everyday so far and sometimes phoned more than once lol!  Think he is missing us :-)  Spoke to the others too! Monday was a strange day as it was his birthday and there was not celebrations, cake or anything here as no one was home :-( James is still having a great time at my parents!!  

Yesterday was TUSAL day and I only remembered about it late last night!  So here is my TUSAL with all the threads so far from this year .... 

TUSAL as 6th August

I have spent a good few solid days stitching away on my Fairy Grandmother that has been a WIP for a long time!

At long last my Fairy Grandmother has a face!!  Her head will float until the very end as she has a collar of beads but I wont do them just yet.

Fairy Grandmother
as 6th August 2013

I hope to get more done on her over then net few days.  I will get some of the metallic threads in to fill in the gaps and make her look a little more full and complete!!  Also I will make a start on the second wing.  Lots of colour changes in the wings!  

I have a few exchanges to get finished too.  All systems go with the stitching this week!!

Have a great day all

Love me


  1. Your fairy is looking great, nice progress!

  2. It is very hot here...They say rain for the weekend...
    Of course,your kids miss you...and I am sure it is not easy ,when you them ,but they do not want to tell you...and it was his birthday...Make a double party ,when he comes home.:)))
    Lovely stitching...:)
    I have few exchanges ,too,so lots to plan,stitch,create....and tomorrow my holidays are over...:(


  3. don't envy you on the school uniform task ... love the FG .. I have this all kitted up waiting to start ....
    have a party when you get them back ... cake is good any time with a cuppa ;) love mouse xxxxx

  4. Have fun with the school uniforms!! I find it hard for just one!! :D Lovely stitching on your fairy, she's looking great x

  5. Fairy Godmother is looking lovely.

  6. It must seem very strange going from 7 to 0! But think of the positive, more stitching time :D hehe. Your stitching is looking great! x