Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What I have done and an (unexpected) Finish

Hello there!

This last week I have done n exchange piece, which I cant show you just yet :-) plus started a 2nd Exchange. Then has an unexpected finish!!!  Let me explain ....

I am doing the Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog SAL and Katie decided she wanted what I had stitched and that she didn't want anymore of the doggies on the fabric ... so I thought "OK" ... so I have an unexpected finish!  Since as much or as little of the chart can be stitched so I did not see the point in stitching something that wouldn't be put to good use!  lol

So here is my MS Doggie

MS Lovers Blog SAL

I also took part in the MS Lovers Blog Anniversary Exchange and my partner has now received her gifts :-)

This is what I sent to my partner :-)

MS Cat in mug

All the parcel goodies

I will admit I love exchanges and I am hooked and must have a sneaky look about for some more!!

Well, we have a few days left of the School Summer Holidays and the kids are starting to get restless now.
Some cant wait to go back and others don't want to go back lol!!  Oh well, we cant please them all haha
We are all set and ready for return on Monday.

This week James started his driving lessons, Laura has been looking about for a car and me ... well you will never guess what I did?  Do you give up? .... bet you do lol

I enrolled at the local college for Math and Computer courses :-)  I cannot wait to get started!!   It will mean a little less stitching time but I think it is so worth the work!  Plus I have OU courses waiting to start in October!!  Study Study Study but good good good!  I really need to sort a rotation of my stitching out ... see Stephies Stitching as she wrote a post about it lol!  I'm a copy cat haha!!  Also see her finish ... its fantastic :-)

Conor and I collected a whole pile of photos and stitching I had taken to the framers over the summer so we had a re-arrange of the 'walls' and a large print I had in the living room Katie wanted in her room so that's where she chased James off too with a hammer and nail lol!!  Go Katie - you boss James about and keep him busy!!  Whilst we were going to framers Conor took his penguin and one of his karate dogs with certificate!  He is now excited waiting to get them back!  

Well, no other news at all!  

Have a great time, be good and happy crafting :-)

Love me


  1. Your finishing is so adorable! I love her cute animals.

  2. Oh wow, that little dog is cute :) Good girl Katie :) I bet your partner is over the moon with her exchange package, I know I would be. Lovely stash. Good Luck James with driving lessons (really should get driving myself haha).

    We can study together, my course starts in February :)


  3. Your two finishes are adorable!

  4. Congrats on your finish :D
    And a lovely parcel! Great exchange! :)

  5. Lovely doggy and beautiful exchange gifts.:) I love exchanges,too.:)))
    Yes,school starts on Monday...In our family 3 of us start our "workdays" on Monday...
    I wish the holidays could be continue...


  6. I don't know how you managed to stitch, study and take care of a big family.

  7. Cute little finish & lovely exchange!

  8. Lovely exchange and I too love your M Sherry goodies! The little dog has so much personality.