Saturday, 3 August 2013

Happy Saturday to you

Hello there!

I hope you are all having a great day.  My 5 little kiddies have gone to their fathers for 9 days.  The house has gone so quiet lol!!

I intend to stitch on my Fairy Grandmother and see how much I can get done of her!  She has been a WIP for so long now that maybe she should actually be classed as a UFO!!!

I think I will do some more on her face and put some of the metallics in to make her look more like a lady!!

Here is a photo of the Michael Powell stitching I did last month!! I stitched on the yellow fabric Jan bought me but my camera is not too good on picking up fabric shades.

Vase of Hearts

From the Michael Powell book my very good
bessie bought me for my birthday.

My progress of James' surprise present Dictionary of Technology is coming along lovely!  I am really delighted with my progress.

Dictionary of Technology

I will put this one away for now to spend loads of uninterpreted time on my Fairy Grandmother.  I think by Monday I'll be wondering around the house like a little lost sheep lol  The kids didn't want me to go far from home in case they wanted to come back! This is the longest they have been away from home I will do as they wish as a 'just in case'!

Whats the bets they'll have such a great time away I wont hear a peep from them lol  Oh well next year I shall book myself a holiday if that's what happens :-)

Right then, I'm off to stitch on my Fairy Grandmother ... see you all soon :-)

Have a great weekend

Love me


  1. Like the Hearts In Vase,but really like the Dictionary one,looks fun when finished.

  2. Lovely stitchings Heather.:) Yes,the kids are gone and it is daughters make The Third World War...:) I stitch,but I am often interrupted...:)

  3. Plenty of stitchy time though ... you can always go to hairdressers or get a manicure and pamper yourself completely, with no distractions. I love the vase ... it is on my list to stitch. I got the book from my local library (I requested it to be bought in though). I like the dictionary too. I really want to do the one of tea. But it is full price everywhere. All I need is a small sale of an excuse.

  4. Happy stitching and enjoy the peace lol x

  5. Enjoy your quiet time. The stitching looks good.

  6. Enjoy the nine day break. With five little ones I'm sure you need it and deserve it as well. Stitch on girlfriend. Stitch on.

  7. Have a great stitching time!!

  8. Enjoy your break! :D The stitchings are beautiful!

  9. Lovely stitching :)
    And that dictionary looks awesome!! :D
    Great work!

  10. What a cute vase of flowers! Hope you enjoyed your quiet stitchy time!