Saturday, 17 August 2013

Penguin, Children Home and Hermit weekend


Wow it has been quite a few days since my last update!! 

The kiddies are home and have been for nearly a week now and wow weeee its great having them back but Oh Boy what a mess!!!

First of all they had a total blast but I will admit I am furious because they didn't have a wash/bath/shower whilst away .... oh yes kids made up but goodness they were piggin dirty and smelly!!  What made things worse was Conor had a skin infection on his face.  Even Conor asked why his dad didn't take him to the Doctor!!  

Goodness me  .... totally ridicules and really no need for the state they came home in!!!  One of the children in particular has had a really bad attitude since they came home.  Grrrr 

On a nicer note .... the kids love their organised and sparkling clean rooms and to my total amasement they have kept them tidy!  I got them boxes for under their beds for toys and they have kept the toys in them :-) I even had the sense to get a big box for the lego and that even gets put away so my feet are delighted .... no more standing on tiny pieces of lego lol!!  

I haven't managed anymore on my Fairy Grandmother and this is what she looked like last Sunday

As 11th August

Conor is Penguin mad so I stitched this for him to cheer him up.
He wants to get it framed and up on his wall. Conor ... the framing fairy (mummy) will be on to it ASAP lol

Penguin for Conor
Stitched 16 August 2013

I have started an exchange and done a Round Robin also the last week or so!  Busy Busy Busy!!

I will be carrying on with a second RR for Hermit Weekend 

Have a lovely weekend all!!

Love me


  1. beautiful stitches

  2. Love the Penguin!! Glad you have your family back home with you x

  3. Adorable penquin! They were always my favorite too. Your fairy grandmother is coming along, love the colors!

  4. Lovely finishes; penguins are always cute!

  5. oooooo what a nightmare that man is!! Your FG is looking amazing but slightly funny with her floating head. So glad Conor is feeling much better xxxxx

  6. L&L L is fabulous! Cute penguin. Hope the kido's feel better!

  7. Fairy Godmother is a stunningly beautiful stitch! Love the penguin too ^_^

  8. I love your expression "piggy dirty" -- it gave me a grin. Fairy Godmother is coming along beautifully.

  9. What an awesome penguin! My grandson is penguin crazy too...can you tell me who is the designer of this chart? Thanks!!

    1. HI Faith

      I got the kit from

      It's by Bold Sheep

      Glad you like it! xxx

      My Conor is penguin mad!!!