Thursday, 22 August 2013

Take a look ...

Hello there

My friend Steph from Stephies Stitching Blog and I have been having a big chat about all out WIP's and UFO's that we have and needless to say we are a little shocked at what we have started lol!!

Steph has posted on her blog asking about how other stitchers do rotations etc and do they work.

She has explained it better in her post :-

Help!! So many WIP's!!

so have a read and if you have any suggestions please post a comment on her blog and let her (and me) know :-)

Rotation/routine/organisation for us both is required hahaha!!

No1 rule - don't start anything else before finishing something! Oh that reminds me I need to start Ryan's dragon ooooo!!!


Not much stitching going on here.  Roll on 3rd September when normal routine starts again!

Bye for now

Love me


  1. It is a shock isn't it lol. First things I'm trying to get done is the ornament and the stitch for hubby. Need you to remind when next posting date is for the RR so I can get that done on time :) xx

    1. I've exchanges to finish then will do some on MS SAL and finish James' Dictionary of Technology before thinking about where to go from there.

      RR posting will be a few weeks away yet xxxx

  2. Lol...count me in too..
    I need HELP

  3. Do not mention WIPs & UFOs!!!! :D
    I agree with you, roll on back to school :) Routine is a must in my home. Have a great weekend x