Friday, 13 September 2013

Stitching and Life!

Good afternoon all,

It has been a short while since I updated.  I have been busy running from home and school and a Parents Council meeting that there has not been much time for stitching but as the time increases upto full time hours for Cara in Nursery I will have a good few hours of a morning for ME! lol

So far this week I spend about 2 evenings doing my part on Steph's Joan Elliott Fairy RR and a little bit on James' surprise Dictionary of Technology.  I really need to get a move on with both of them

Steph's RR ... fairy wings
'Broadband' On James' surprise piece

I really cannot wait to see both of these completed ;-)  With luck I will get lots done over the weekend.  I really want to get James' one finished and to the framers ASAP!

Speaking of the framers I got one of Conors Karate Dogs back this morning.  He will be delighted with it when he comes home from school. 

Orange Karate Belt 
He came with me when we took the stitched dog and certificate into the framers because he wanted to choose the frame and mount!  We will get the others framed with the same frame and colour mount to match the belt colour :-)  They are going to look fabulous on the wall!!

I got my books for my Open University course yesterday and I cant wait to get stuck in.  I start a Maths course at the local college on Tuesday and Im looking forward to that too!  

Laura was ready the local paper yesterday and she spotted an advertisement from the College saying they are starting a 'Coffee and Craft Club' which is a course that does printing, ceramics, textiles and glass workings!!  I have put my name down for it.  I cant wait for a start date :-)

OU books for course

Well I had better get on with finishing the tea off before school runs!  So must go and save it from the oven before we have burnt rocks to eat!!

Have a great weekend

Love me


  1. Fingers crossed you get lots more you time soon xxxxxxxxx

  2. Ooooo OU stuff. Scary. I'm dreading mine coming through lol. Good luck with all your courses, you sure do have lots of them at the moment haha. Xxx

  3. I found your Blog and I dearly love your Blog. I love all of your Photos that you have on your Blog. I am now a follower of your Blog.

    I have a Blog and I would like for you to become a Follower of my Blog as well.

    The link to my Blog is:

    I wish you good luck in all of your classes that you will be taking at the University.

    I love your Finishes and your WIP's. Your son will be totally surprise when he gets home from school and see what is waiting for him.

    I also love to read as well and I do some writing too.

    Happy Stitching, Happy Reading, Happy Studying

  4. Wow, you are going to be busy . Looks like good fun though x

  5. Karate Dog looks wonderful all framed up!

  6. I hope you will have more time to stitch...I am busy at school ,too...
    Good luck at the Open University.:)


  7. How you fit stitching time in amazes me - you are one busy lady! Love your blog. The "broad band" made me chuckle!

  8. The Dictionary of Technology will be great! "Broadband" is so funny!

    The framed karate dog with the certificate and matching mat color is amazing! What a wonderful way to remember your son earning each color belt!