Thursday, 5 September 2013

TUSAL and first painting

Good afternoon all

Again, not much to report as no stitching done again but now all has settled and the days are getting back to the 'In School Routine' I will be busy busy busy again asap!

Here is my TUSAL for September .... Doesn't look much different from last month other than the kids have messed with it and it was all squashed up lol

TUSAL 5 September 2013

Cara has had another fantastic day at Nursery and here is her first painting!!  She loves to paint and draw :-)

First picture :-)

Well, I am going to get some tea sorted out for the monsters coming home from school lol

With luck there will be some stitching done tonight!!

Bye for now

Love me


  1. Aww look at her painting, that is lovely :D
    Lovely ort's you have there :)

    Fingers crossed that from tonight until a long long way away, you managed to get tons of stitching done :)


  2. aww sweet first painting..
    lovely orts.
    hugs x

  3. Love Cara's first painting :)