Thursday, 12 December 2013

A very late last ORT Photo ...

Here is my full jar of ORTs for 2013 along with Katie and the Christmas tree :)

Christmas Tree 2013
with Katie and ORT Jar
Cara wrote some Christmas Cards and put them under the Christmas Tree lol! She is a little Cutie Pie!!

Today Cara went to see Santa with the Pre-school she attends.  She totally loved it and all the little preschoolers looked so cute on such a big bus. Katie did her school play today and she did a wonderful job with her speaking part!

Well better get some children collected from the school bus stop as I don't think they will be impressed

Happy stitching and crafting


  1. hoooo cute Katie =)
    isn't mum's jar too heavy ? =)
    beautiful tree too !

  2. What a cute post...Katie is adorable...Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Great photo - Katie is so cute :) xx

  4. Oh my, she is so so cute! :D The picture is amazing! congrats!