Friday, 17 January 2014



I am sure some of you remember me posting about the house I rent being repossessed because the landlord did not pay the mortgage on the property .... well I received some great news ... a house I applied for a few miles down the road (8 minute drive!!) from where we are now and YES we actually got accepted as the new tenants!!!

Since I found out last October/November that we had to move from here, I managed to get an 8 week guarantee, particularly over the Christmas Period, that we would not be 'bothered' by the bank who have taken over the property and they would be out early January to measure/market/put up the For Sale sign.  In the mean time I have been looking  for properties but all the houses that were big enough for us to move into in the area I was told 'NO!' by the owners of the property because 'we would wreck the house' ... In other words because I have 7 children they thought we would destroy the house therefore they refused to let us look around!!

Then I was shown this property by a friend .... 

We are totally delighted!!!  

This is the back of the house

Front door and side view of the house
Gates to keep the children in the garden and away from the road

 The new house is a little distance into the Countryside BUT:-

  • It is big enough for us all
  • The children can still use the same school bus that they do now
  • Has lovely gardens 
  • No busy road at the back, front or side of us like we do now
  • The children cannot get near a busy road like they can now when playing out
There is so much room within the house as it has been built to be very spacious and each of the rooms are 'away' from each other .... in other words we will not be on top of each other!!  Space, space, space!!

The kitchen is enormous ....

The part of the kitchen

The only disadvantage is that their father cannot walk to our home once every 2 weeks to collect the children!!  I have hunted down every property that would accommodate the size of the family and but the owner of this property has said 'NO' ... Nothing much I can do about it.  I was given 1 sort of yes by a letting agency for a house an hours drive away but that would have been a change of schools for the children and that's no good at all so i decided to hang on as much as I could .... so glad I did now!!

So its an 8 minute drive or an hour drive with a total change of schools etc.  I think the 8 minute drive cannot and should not be complained about lol!!  The children just love the look of this house!!  Just as well since the contracts are sorted and verbal 'yeses' have been said!!!  I will take then down either tomorrow or Saturday for a look around :)

We cannot wait ... a lovely fresh start to 2014.  Nothing could be better!!  Just look at this view, there is no better place than the countryside :)  Fantastic place for my kiddies!!  

The view from our back door
Part of our garden
Well its the early hours of the morning and I must get to bed!!

Bye for now
Love me


  1. Oh the house looks absolutely gorgeous Heather!!! That kitchen!! WOW! Yes having a bunch of kids means you need loads of space! And I agree....take the 8 minutes and no complaining! :D

  2. Oh this looks amazing! I am sure you will all be very happy there!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. great news indeed =D
    So happy for you
    you must be very impatient now.
    Really don't understand why people wouldn't agree a big family ! I hate prejudices =)
    we have here neighbours renting their home, they are only 2 with a 3 years old daughter and ho my ! the owner has great difficulties with them as they don't respect anything !!!
    Sure you're going to write a new wonderful chapter all together =D

  4. Oh I'm so so happy for you all! This is fantastic news & the house looks great :) I'm sure once you're all moved in & settled back into a routine, you will just laugh at the silly people who turned you down... Their loss, your gain :) Have fun with the packing & I truly wish you all the best with this new start! xx

  5. Oh I get so frustrated when people assume pets or kids will wreck houses: if you are going to rent out a four bed plus house then obviously it will go to a family and surely that is what references are for? I love the look of this house though: you did right to wait. Congratulations!

  6. That's great!! The house is very nice and spacious. You and kids will have great time there and looking forward to see your pictures in and around your new place. I am amazed how you manage to take care of kids and this big house and then stitching too . Do you hire help for cleaning etc. ? I get tired arranging my small flat and looking after my daughter :)

  7. Gorgeous house, I hope you are all very happy there!

  8. I love your new house! I am sure that you will all be very happy there :)
    Every cloud has a silver lining :)
    Hugs x

  9. What great news! It looks lovely!

  10. Well, I'm glad to see you have found a wonderful house for you and the kids. Wishing you all the best and the move goes well.

  11. Gorgeous big house, I hope you are all very happy living there.

    And without being harsh - he sees them 26 times a year? He doesn't get to whinge about how far it is!! My parents walk 2 miles to see my boys at least once a week frequently more. And they are in their late sixties.