Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Goodies

Hello and how are you today?

It was a very cold frosty morning here.  A thick fog seemed to have rolled in last night and the temperature dropped very low brrrrrr ... where are my thermal vest and knickers lol

This morning brought me lovely post :)

I got 4 new Polstitches Fabric which was my treat to myself after Christmas

I got Mellow Moments (yellow)
Addiction (Greeny blue)
Sniff and Sneeze (Pinky shades)
Icy Waters (Blue/white)
The Mellow Moments is all for ME!!  I just love yellow .... I should have been a banana haha
The Icy Waters fabric is to do Conor a massive Penguin scene with lots of penguin charts all stitched on the same fabric ... now all I have to do is hunt down some charts lol

The other two pieces I'm not sure on.  Stash them away and see what other lovely things i can find to stitch.  i might see what the Addiction fabric is like once unfolded and maybe, just maybe use for Laura's Baby Sampler.  But there might be too much blue on the fabric for this and she then have a girl hahaha!!  I'm not re-stitching it!!  Maybe just best to stick to white fabric the kit came with!!

This is the sampler that Laura chose:-

Baby Sampler to be stitched up
I will be making a start on this afternoon :)

Now off to collect Cara!  Have a great day all!!

Love me


  1. That sampler will look so cute!!!

  2. Lovely fabric choices. Cute sampler chart as well.

  3. I love your new goodies. I paid for mine this afternoon :) I can't wait to see your progress reports on the baby sampler. I'm so excited for you all. xXx

  4. Beautiful fabric Heather. Love the sampler.


  5. Love your new fabrics and the design is adorable!