Thursday, 23 January 2014

Not a stitch ....

Hello there!

Well the last week or so I have not got a stitch done ... at all!! But I have the keys for my new home and have started shifting our belongings there :)

The kiddies have now seen inside the house and they cannot wait to move!!

We are aiming to move in by the 30th January so we can start a new month in a new house .... so exciting :)

I am having a couple of the rooms decorated tomorrow so when the paint has dried we can move stuff there in the cars over the weekend.  The more we can shift the less the removal men will have to take!  Therefore less of a removals bill lol!!

Well, I have a Uni essay to finish off before the weekend .... busy busy busy!!

Bye for now and keep safe

Love me


  1. Wow, how exciting. I love moving! Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home xx

  2. Things are happening already!! This is so exciting! Well have fun with the packing, moving and decorating :)

  3. That's so exciting Heather! I know moving can be a bit of a pain....but it's such an adventure!!

  4. Good luck on your new home!!! :D

  5. Hi,
    that is great news!!! I bet you and the kids are really excited to move!!!!

  6. so exciting =)
    good luck
    can't wait to see pictures =D

  7. Good luck with the move :)
    Hugs xx