Friday, 10 January 2014

Turtle Trot January 2014

Hello all,

Here are the pics of my WIP's that I'm going to work through this year and with some luck get most, if not all, of them finished!!

First of all I am working, and will work all weekend, on Baby Sampler for my Grandbaby :)

Its not much but its a start
My other WIP's are:-

Air Goddess by Joan Elliott

Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott

Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott

Charlie Bear Alphabet by Margaret Sherry

Fairy Grandmother by Lavender and Lace

A Stitchers Sampler

Puppeteer by AOY

I still have another 2 photos to put up as I forgot to take them lol

I wonder how many I will get completed this year?

Have a look at the other Turtle trotters blogs

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend :)

Love me


  1. Wow, some gorgeous projects there for this year! Of course, you must get the first one finished first...

  2. Good luck but yes, like Justine said, the first one is the priority! :) Have fun this weekend x

  3. You have lots of lovely WIPs! Looking forward to following your progress this year!

  4. Lovely projects!! I have ladybird in my turtle trot list too:)

  5. Great choices Heather. Looking forward to seeing their progress.


  6. Toutes les broderies sont tres belle Marie-Claire

  7. You picked some lovely pieces - I love the fairies!

  8. You have great projects on your hands :) looking forward to see them grow :)